miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2017

Dear Americans

For over eight years I have expressed myself through this blog. I always did it in Spanish because I felt no reason to do otherwise. But today I feel I have to.

Dear Americans,

I wish I could say everything is going to be all right but I cannot. The feeling that everything is going south too fast is unbearable. As a person of color, I do not feel safe anymore. As an alien (a hateful expression that makes me feel like the character of a horror sci-fi movie), I do not feel welcomed anymore. I thought I was living inside of bubble, but I cannot help but thinking that the bubble is about to explode. I feel I could be discriminated against by anyone, for any reason, at any moment.

Days ago I witnessed a rally that celebrated the immigrant community of Willimantic, the place where I have lived in for more than four years. As the demonstrators expressed themselves, car drivers passed by yelling at the crowd: “Go home, go home”. But this is their home. For many of them this is the only home they know. But their skin color makes them look-alike foreigners. Many of them are unwelcomed in the country they are citizens of. Entitled by law but unwelcomed by their fellow nationals.

The demonstrations that have taken place in the last week protesting the “wall” and the “ban” send the message that there are still good Americans standing for the values that once built up this country. I trust they will keep on fighting. If I leave this country anytime soon I will do it with a deep sadness for those that I leave behind. But I will do it hoping that if I ever come back I will do it to a better place for all. 

Do not give up ...